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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us for this third straight spare the air day. >> yeah, another hot one too. let's check in with mike and find out what is going on out there. a few clouds along the coast. some stilling into san francisco more numerous just as thin as yesterday not dropping anything live doppler showing how dry it is going to
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be the next couple of hours if you are heading out. by the afternoon hottest temperatures in the east bay valleys mid 90s to 100. break in the south bay and north bay 80s there 70s and 80s around the bay shore 60 along the coast 66 san francisco other big weather headline is spare the air. all of us under that even note poorest air quality will be in the east bay valley -- even though the poorest air quality will be in the east bay valleys during the afternoon. bay bridge toll moving well not much of a wait. slowest bit of traffic through antioch now westbound 4 lone tree out to loveridge 11 miles an hour. if you would like to head on to westbound 24, there's a crash reported but hasn't caused slowing this morning. also to help spare the air today you might want to consider mass transit. all reporting no major delays. coming up on 6:02.
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new this morning, oakland police are investigating an early morning homicide at a motel. they were call to the starlight motel around 3:00 this morning. officers found a female victim inside a bloody unit in the motel on macarthur and 100th. investigators state woman was murdered they did not say how. reporter amy hollyfield will have a live report from the scene coming up in the next half hour. moments ago, marine mama experts returned to a creek in south san francisco to see whether a stranded dolphin has been able to find its way back to the bay. katie marzullo joins us live. any sightings? >> reporter: still no dolphin and the sun is up so it is easier to tell. the very popular dolphin first seen around 11:30 yesterday san francisco a volunteer with the mama center, what is your expert opinion? >> i walked from costco to the
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bay and there are no dolphins here which is very, very good. it means there is nothing to be done today. >> reporter: and the water is shallow enough you would know? >> he was a fairly big dolphin so we could be able to see him if he were here. >> reporter: what does that mean to you? >> it means i can go back home and warm up a little. we are going to monitor if anyone sees a dolphin or any unusual seal behavior they can give us a call and we'll come back. >> reporter: it seems nature has taken its course. >> yes the less we can do the better it is for the animal. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate it. it is good news out here this morning at colma creek that the wayward dolphin who the bulk of yesterday circling, maybe feeding, nobody knows, seems to have made his way back out to open water. katie marzullo, abc7 news. an 6:03. supporters of an oakland pot club plan on a 9:00 news conference this morning to
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protest the justice department. federal prosecutors is served asset forfeiture papers on the harborside health center calling it a marijuana superstore. the justice department is moving to seize the club's property on the embarcadero where it has been operating since 2006. prosecutors target its sister location in san jose. medical marijuana is legal in california but illegal under federal law. battle over the new 49er stadium has taken another turnover sight committee agreed to hire an attorney. they want to know whether they followed proper procedure in voting last month to take 30 million dollars in redevelopment funs away from the stadium project and spend it -- funds way from the stadium project and spend it on local schools. last week a judge determined the team is entitled to the money. richmond police want to sort out a mystery where a san pablo city councilman claims he was assaulted and woke up miles from where he was attacked. councilman rick morris runs a
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property management agency. he told police on july they are, he visited a home that his firm just acquired. he told them he was on the doorstep when a man suddenly ran out yelling i get out. the man then punched him in the chest. morris says he fell backwards and i had his head on the concrete. >> there's no reason to believe he was attacked because he was a council person and i don't think he time to tell the person he was the new property manager. at this point, i think the person that attacked him didn't want him on the property. >> morris says he next remembered waking up in the passenger seat of his car in the parking lot of golden gate fields in albany. morris refused our request for an interview. 6:05. if you look behind us we start out with low clouds around the bay and things are comfortable now. for those of you inland -- >> it is going to be hot. >> just thinking about it. >> along the coast natural air
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conditioning. absolutely. clouds back, marine layer going to keep us cool, fog on the golden gate bridge, thankfully nothing falling out of that fog now so all is dry. let's talk about what is happening today cool start to mile inland temperatures from 50 at the coast to 57 inland by noon rapid warming upper 80s inland, mid 70s around the bay upper nice at the coast hot inland sunshine at 7:00, mid 90s general rule, temperatures around the bay upper 70s, coast 60, cooler by 7:00, dropping too the upper 50s by 7:00 comfortable 70 around the bay, 88 inland by 7:00 clouds coming back a little quicker during the evening hours as they will be more stout tomorrow morning that's why the cooling trend continues. pollen high amounts of tree and ragweed moderate amounts of grass and mold.
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you can see tomorrow down from the 50s at the coast, 70s around the bay 90s inland back into the mid 80s saturday and sunday inland mid 70s around the bay mid to upper 50s at the coast morning clouds giving way to mainly sunny afternoons. temperatures more like where we should be for this time of the year. have a good day here's frances. >> good morning. a lot of thick fog across the golden gate bridge with this live shot look out for limited visibility, highway 1 pacifica y city, the usual. san mateo bridge -- westbound traffic flowing well eastbound traffic light now as you head through hayward and 880 no major problems through hayward, fremont to milpitas. westbound 80 through berkeley, this is one of the crowd spots right now towards the bay bridge toll, which is still delay-free, normal delays this morning westbound 4 antioch and also westbound 580 and as
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we check out south bay traffic light teen out of the santa cruz mountains headlights northbound 280 look good into cupertino. >> the unusual date giants star brian wilson took to last night's espys. first, dora the explorer and other characters missing from millions of homes this morning. new developments in the ongoing standoff between -- directv and viacom. michael finney shows items on which you are likely to save the most money. >> and they would be?
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breaking news. penn state disregarded safety and welfare of sandusky's victims louis freeh headed the end investigation. all comes weeks after a jury convicted sandusky on 45 criminal counts. stay with the morning news coming up we'll go live to philadelphia for an update on this morning's report. new hope for directv subscribers who like to watch the daily show or jersey shore those shows and others disappeared twaous of -- because of a fee dispute.
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the two restarted negotiations last night viacom wants more than directv is willing to pay to continue carrying the channels of a dozen networks. viacom says it amounts to a few penness. directv says the increase a billion dollars. if you are not a dollar store shopper you could be missing out on savings. michael finney has money-saving tips. >> reporter: good morning! con sum -- consumer reports says there's a different experience at dollar stores you can find excellent deals. consumers say savings keep them coming back. >> trying if get my on a budget. >> love the savings. >> i like to buy the same items from the supermarkets and large stores for a fraction of the coast. >> reporter: 1500 women surveyed, found 75% are shopping at dollar stores more than they used to. >> dollar stores are really
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growing and expanding into a lot of new markets. many who maybe never shopped them before are giving them a second look in this when. >> reporter: favorite purchases, paper and plastics, cleaning products, party supplies, storage items and toiletries. out secret shoppers to check prices on 38 everyday products. they shopped at dollar general and family dollar. then they compared the prices at wal-mart, target and some super mart. >> wal-mart had lowest prices on the most items. supermarkets had the highest prices by far. dollar stores were competitive. >> reporter: dollar general had the best deals on these five products with savings from 12% all the way up to 28%. shop smart finds you can save more on private label brands at dollar stores women >> dollar stores have changed over the last five years better organized, cleaner aisles, a lot more stuff and they are designed to get you in and out quickly.
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>> reporter: shop smart says, it is easier than ever to scope out dollar store savings. the survey shows the biggest complain among women surveyed, limited selection and availability. dollar stores especially the big changes like dollar general, family dollar, dollar tree are working hard to change that. stocking up on more big brand named products and rolling out new stores across the country. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. :15. don't be surprised if you see the occasional tv person shopping at the dollar store. >> i just bought two swimming noodles, for the pool yesterday. a dollar for two of 'em. great deal. >> send my wife in she likes to do it. >> water guns they had all sorts of hot weather related stuff. still need it today in some areas, other areas
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getting a reprieve. beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais this morning back towards the east gorgeous the way it is glistening and reflecting off the bay water. live doppler pretty thick fog along the coast 3/4 mile visibility at half moon bay. was not seeing reports of mist or drizzle, we are off to a dry start with live doppler this morning. let's talk about temperatures just updated these with the latest numbers, 61 fairfield, antioch and livermore 64, everybody else in the 50s monterey bay and inland fairly cloudy and low to mid 50s. by the afternoon hours, poor air quality once again spare the air even though it not going to be as hot as it was yesterday. more clouds cooler conditions starting tonight, cooler afternoons closer to average as we head through the weekend. today, livermore 101, napa 87,
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oakland 74 redwood city 82 san francisco drop two degrees below average high of 66. clouds hanging around the coast trying to spill into the bay more widespread than yesterday by 11:00 one finger of fog through the golden gate and everybody else is quiet. 60s to 100s today even a few upper 50s along the coast. south bay mid to upper 80s today with santa clara 84. 81 palo alto, 73 millbrae 58 pacifica daly city cooler spots along the coast mid 60s 74 sausalito mainly mid to upper 80s valleys. mid to upper 70s for most of the east bay shore hercules, castro valley and fremont could make night 80. -- could make it into 80. 92 gilroy, 77 santa cruz, 65
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in monterey. two to eight degrees cooler tomorrow another four to eight degree drop saturday, saturday through wednesday mid to upper 80s inland mid to upper 70s bay upper 50s to fear 60 at the coast much more comfortable by saturday good morning. bay bridge toll this is around the time we see metering lights get turned on. right now only backed up for the cash paying lanes fastrak lanes still look good. highway 9 at 35 downed tree blocking all lanes chp en route. south bay commute still looking good northbound 8567 miles per hour. -- stall westbound 580 in castro valley supposedly in the middle lane i haven't seen slowing. westbound 580 slow into livermore and pleasanton 41
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miles an hour with the waze traffic app, traffic spotter reported a complete standstill within the last minute, a few seconds ago, traffic is moving at 22 miles an hour through livermore. heavy traffic reported on basco road that started half hour ago slow ride for folks heading out of tracy you may want to consider ace and never reporting no major delays. ahead, the final bay area appearance for serena williams before she lease for the london olympics. and the espy awards brings out brian wilson and his date.
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good thursday morning. 6:23. we are waking to this gorgeous picture provided by our camera on sutro tower in san francisco, low clouds in the city, a little fog and that is going to lift and that going to leave us with warm temperatures comfortable around the bay. mike will tell you how hot it is going to get inland on this third spare the air day. sports stars gathered in l.a. for the 20th annual espy awards. brian wilson was the center of attention. >> people want to know especially giants fans when do
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you start throwing again? >> i'll be throwing mid october. i've already been throwing lefty and getting ready just in case. >> wilson brought sasquatch as his date. the only mammal that does not fear the bear. 49ers won best game for their win against the saints. jeremy lin got the breakthrough athlete and there's tim tebow. tomorrow serena williams will play after winning her opening match yesterday. the top seed and defending champion defeated nicole gibbs in the second round. serena says she felt sluggish in the match a day after flying to the bay area from london. it was her first match since winning her sixth career wimbledon saturday after this weekend's event she will be returning to london for the
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olympics. >> she may have get sluggish, nothing sluggish about that serve. still ahead, report on the penn state sex abuse scandal has just been released. we'll have the latest. live to philadelphia to find out what the report says and the potential fallout for the university. first, will it be another busy day for firefighters if the sierra? the new wildfire they are trying to get control of and the evacuations in place. >> reporter: we are learning more about the woman who was found dead in this starlight motel in oakland overnight. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have the latest, coming up. cooler conditions along the coast into san francisco, mid -- low to mid 60s there mid 70s to low 80s around the bay 80s south bay and north bay 90s to 100 continue for one last day in the east bay valleys. 104 salt lake, 108 phoenix, 84 portland, 75 seattle,
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everybody else in the 80s and 90s across the country. flight departure delays out of newark, arrival delays houston even with thunderstorms down to the south, all airports in california running on time. are -- metering lights on at the bay bridge toll
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you!
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good thursday morning! it is 6:30 july 12th, what a gorgeous shot we are waking up to clearly that is san francisco with the transamerica building and bank of america peeking through above the clouds low clouds sitting over parts of the bay area bringing relief to those areas but for those of you inland it is going to hit triple digits again. >> thanks for the reminder. >> you're welcome. >> let's check in with mike. live doppler showing low clouds not dropping drizzle, not even flight arrival delays into sfo. cooling trend that began yesterday will move deeper into the bay especially south bay and north bay 80s instead of the 90s of yesterday won't be able to chime over the east bay hills and move into the valleyses not to the extent it
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is going to -- cool everybody off. spare the air today because of the east bay valleys, today will be the last dave 100s and the last spare the air for a while. that cooling trend and full forecast. first here's frances. a few minor accidents and stalls nothing to slow you down. heaviest traffic in the usual spots westbound 4 out of antioch hillcrest to 242, 23 minutes. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680, 20 plea -- 23 minutes out of tracy consider mass transit. all reporting no delays. live shot of the bay bridge toll you can see back-up still to almost west grand with metering lights on. 6:31. new this morning, oakland police are still at a macarthur boulevard motel
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after finding a woman's body inside they are calling it a homicide. amy hollyfield is there live. >> reporter: investigators are still here focusing on that corner unit. they've told us this woman was young probably around 20 and shot one time. they were called to the starlight motel around 3:00 this morning at macarthur and 100th avenue in oakland. police say the woman is an oakland resident. they don't have any witnesses they said someone was with her when they arrived. >> there was one individual trying to render aid to her, yes they were being instructed by the dispatcher how to administer cpr to her. >> reporter: they say the man with her was a friend of hers. no arrests have been made and they say this is probably going to be a tough case. they don't have witnesses. homicide investigators are here, busy on this case and several others. they've had seven#xç homicides since friday here in oakland.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san jose firefighters are looking into the cause of a late night grass fire next to a mobile home park and construct site. the fire broke out 11 last night off monterey highway the fire damaged a power line but didn't damage any other structures no one was hurt firefighters left the scene two hours later. 40 people are waking up in emergency shelters this morning after a wildfire forced them out of their homes in the sierra robbers fire broke out yesterday afternoon between colfax and forest hill, 50 miles northeast of sacramento. the fire has burned 200 acres so far in steep rugged forest. investigators still haven't pinpoint wad started it. within person reported seeing men shooting off fireworks in the area around the time the fire started. for the third day if a row the bay area is under spare
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the air. air quality management district is asking the public to take public transit, if possible and an very the use of gas powered mowers and blowers and avoid strenuous exercise economy smog is at its peak. coach arrested on charges he had with two teenaged girls. the 26-year-old remains in jail on within million dollars . detectives claim daniels the with girls through a social networking site. they suspect he had sex with the girls inside his home. lawyers for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi have requested the city's commission subpoena four people who they say can prove mayor lee lied under oath last month. they are the woman appointed with by mayor lee to replace mirkarimi.
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building commissioner former supervisor and businessman and city hall insider walter wong. mirkarimi's lawyer says the mayor contradicted himself when he testified he had not discussed the case with those individuals. >> if those city officials are correct and0&f÷ the mayor did nt tell the truth, then in effect the mayor may have committed a felony while tying to remove the sheriff for a misdemeanor. >> mayor lee maintains he told the truth and has blasted what he calls outrageous allegations of perjury. >> 6:35. marine mammal center volunteer says he doesn't see any sign of that wayward dolphin lost in a creek in south san francisco. tells katie marzullo that the bottlenosed dolphin appears to have made its way back to olympic water. yesterday the mammal decide swim into colma creek near costco on south airport boulevard. onlookers lined the shoreline hoping to catch a glimpse. experts say doll license sometimes swim into very
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shallow waters or even on to the beaches as a way to catch fish. yahoo users beware an investigation underway into reports that half a million users e-mail addresses and passwords may have been exposed. the company is looking into claims of a massive security breach of user. did's technology websites say a group of hackers based if you rain has claimed responsibility -- in the ukraine has claimed responsibility to prove there's a security weakness. >> you have to step out to prove inland it is going to be hot. >> you gotta love the bay area always a place to taken relief like in south san francisco mike. >> very, very v he cold. i haven't heard back from her yet. good morning. here's live doppler 7 hd you
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can follow katie on twitter. ly doppler showing a dry start for your morning commute and we are watching thunderstorms down to the south, i don't think they will make it up here they show the atmosphere is changing that and this area of low pressure spinning beautifully on the water vapor imagery that to the north squeezing high pressure and it squirts east starting today and even more so tomorrow that's why the cooling trend is on. as far as this morning, check out temperatures in the 50s, fog around the coast and into parts of the bay by 9:00, 10:00 gone thin layer of clouds 50s coast 60s and 70s around the bay 80s and 90s inland by lunchtime. 4:00, 90s to near 100 east bay valleys, 70s around the bay 80s north bay and south bay 60s at the coast by 7:00 50s at the coast into san francisco 60s and 70s
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around the bay 80s and 90s into the east bay valleys where the warmest weather will hold on. cooling trend will continue tomorrow into saturday, saturday sunday highs mid 80s inland mid 70s bay mid to upper 50s along the coast. look out for very thick fog along the coast you can see it for yourself with this live shot of the golden gate be careful highway 1, 35, pacifica daly city usual areas. here's the bay bridge toll not bad backed up beyond the end of the parking lot metering lights on. south bay nice ride headlights northbound on 101, 880 across your screen traffic still light there. new crash in the pleasanton area southbound 680 past castlewood another person called the chp and reported it before vallecitos, traffic spotter had this in nine minutes ago. also, slowing as you head
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southbound 680 past durham road 25 miles an hour into fremont heavy there you can get this free app by going to 6:39. ahead, foreclosure filings on the rise in the bay area. trading underway on wall street now. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. right now the dow is down 71 points. first the results of the formal investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal have just been announced. we'll go live to philadelphia. >> because you just insulted me. >> i didn't. >> yes you did. nobody tells me i'm a liar. >> i didn't call you a liar. >> did you see this? more of the explosive exchange between actor robert blake and piers more again. like abc7 news on facebook and you will make a difference for foster kids for every new
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like within dollar goes to the sleep train dream campaign.
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welcome back. high temperatures are tapering from 60 at half moon bay, 66 san francisco mid 70s to low
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80s bay shore. mid 90s to near 100 east bay valleys one last day of excess heat for you. showers and thunderstorms across the southern third of the state we need rain but that's where they are going to stay maybe a stray shower around yosemite. heat through the central valley 100s there to 111 palm springs. sierra weekend scattered showers possible friday low 80s tahoe mid 90s around yosemite. chance of scattered thunderstorms in l.a. and san diego both friday. low 80s in l.a., mid 70s in san diego. new morning, the formal report into the penn state sex abuse scandal has just been released within the last hour. let's go to philadelphia with the latest on this. good morning bran indictment >> reporter: good morning eric. this report clearly points the finger at penn state officials
6:45 am
who very clear did not report, purposely did not report the sexual abuse scandal when jerry sandusky was accused of committing these crimes more than a decade ago. the lead investigator louie freeh former fbi chief said the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect children who sandusky victimized it points the finger at joe paterno, former president and vice president and athletic director. critical the timeline paterno was told of an in a shower and reported it to curley they had a plan to go to the police but the report says they changed their mind and that further exposed the victim to more harm. evidence shows all four knew of an incident with another young boy involving sandusky in a shower in 199 once again no action taken. last month sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of abuse. in this report, freeh made 119
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recommendations to better protect children and not the adults who abuse them. there is going to be a news conference at 10:00 where louie freeh will address the press and take questions. reading over the report, going into further detail. as you can imagine we have a lot of questions for him. abc news. >> what is the fallout expected to be for penn state? >> reporter: penn state already scheduled a news conference for this afternoon. we are also told that the attorneys for some of sandusky's victims and others who are considering civil lawsuits are also going over this report now. because it is so damaging, this report could also lead to further litigation. this university is not out of the dark yet. actor robert blake unleashed on piers morgan
6:47 am
during an interview last night on cnn. blake accused morgan of calling him a liar for raising questions about the murder of his wife. >> tell me where i'm lying. >> i'm not saying you are lying. >> you are saying you don't know if i'm telling the truth what is the hell is the difference? >> why are you being so defensive? >> because you just insulted me. >> i didn't. >> yes you did. nobody tells me i'm a liar. >> i didn't call you a liar. >> you said i might not be telling the truth what is the hell is the difference? >> in 2005 the 78-year-old actor was acquitted in connection with the murder but found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit and ordered to pay 30 million dollars subsequently he filed for bankruptcy. mitt romney said he thought he did a good job at the naacp convention even though the audience booed him. he said he proved he doesn't
6:48 am
change his message depending on the audience. during the naacp speech the audience booed for 15 seconds when he told them the following. >> i'm going to eliminate every none essential expensive program i can -- nonessential expensive program i can find that includes obamacare and i'm going to work to save -- [ booing ] >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> rom many knee faces up hill battle get -- romney faces an uphill battle gets votes in the black community that community supports president obama over romney 96-3%. both are preparing for bay area visits next week. romney plans to attend three fundraisers next weekend a day before president obama arrives. romney's schedule includes a lunch, private dinner and event at the fairmont hotel. the president will be in the east bay on the 23rd, oakland
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and a home in piedmont. now house lawmakers holding hearing on any bill aimed at shutting didn't the program that funded solyndra. republicans are calling it the no more so so's act to stop the energy department from -- no more solyndra's act to stop the energy department from granting more loans. last fall the solar power company filed for bankruptcy and laid off more than 1,000 workers. the bay area housing market facing more problems. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning. talk about bad timing for yahoo may be time to change your yahoo password. the company this morning gearing up for annual shareholder meeting in a little over an hour. execs are scrambling to deal with a security breach. yahoo says it is investigating this. websites reporting half a
6:50 am
million user accounts and passwords were posted online by a hacker group. we'll see what the company says about a new ceo and whether it names -- [ unintelligible ] yahoo shares are trading actively. stocks on the decline for fifth straight session on continued concern about the global economy. bloomberg index lower. san francisco real estate market may have turned the corner but not out of the woods yet. --. [ unintelligible ] . [ unintelligible ]
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just about 6:51. >> you can see in this live picture san francisco enshrouded in low clouds. no flight arrival delays. >> i was loading the graphic that in a second show you how hot it was in my car yesterday many right now you can see the clouds breaking up around san francisco thin but widespread area of cloud cover and so light that live doppler is showing a dry start to the morning commute as it sits on top of mount st. helena and spins around and down around mount omnium. i got home yesterday it was 100° outside and the car sitting in the driveway warmed up to 122°. just sitting on the concrete, imagine fit was on asphalt probably would have been warmer than that. no need to worry about that
6:52 am
right now. let's talk about temperatures 61 fairfield, mid 60s antioch and live more the rest of us in the 50s low to mid 50s mostly cloudy around the monterey bay. another spare the air day another day of poor air quality especially east bay valleys not as hot everywhere exception the east valleys. cooler seasonal temperatures during the afternoon hours this weekend. today everybody is going down a little san jose within degree cooler tate six, santa rosa three at 88, 95 concord four degree drop as is oakland 74, 66 san francisco, five degree drop in hayward 77, six degrees cooler than yesterday high pressure on top of us yesterday barely holding oned to, shoved to the east by the thunderstorms to our south and area of low pressure from the west. because it is doing coolest weather is going to be in the west not in the east. antioch, brentwood live more
6:53 am
100 mid to upper 90s east bay valleys 70s across the board except hercules castro valley and fremont along the east bay more should to upper 80s south bay low 80s around palo alto drop into 73 millbrae upper 50s to low 60s along the coast mid 60s downtown south san francisco this afternoon 74 sausalito 80s north bay beaches or north bay valleys mid 60s monterey and carmelo to upper 70s monterey bay inland 88 hollister, 94 morgan hill, 50s tonight more cloud cover temperatures drop four to eight degrees tomorrow and again saturday and we hang out in the upper 50s along the coast to mid 80s inland. have a great day. slowest traffic in the east bay and south bay. westbound 80 through berkeley crowded at university flowing well westbound to the bay bridge toll very minor delay you might need to use your
6:54 am
wipers across the golden gate bridge thick fog even moisture on the lens fog reported highway 1 pacifica and highway 35. slow now southbound 680 approaching an accident at castlewood very heavy in pockets and slow traffic as well in the south bay northbound 87 at 35 mile at hour, pockets of heavy traffic north 101 through downtown san jose. 6:54. >> here's five things you to know before you go. number one, oakland police investigating an early morning homicide at a motel. officers found a female victim in a corner unit at the starlight motel. investigators say she was murdered. number two, supporters of an oakland pot club will hold a rally in two hours to protest the federal government targeting the health center. prosecutors served papers on pot club calling it a
6:55 am
marijuana superstore. >> number three, mammal center volunteer says it appears the dolphin has made its way back to open water so it seems. yesterday it decided to swim into colma creek in south san francisco. delighted onlookers saw the ma'am -- mammal in the water. number four, live look outside berkeley traffic there you see the clouds and you see or you hear from me the bay area -- another spare the air day. third straight spare the air day this week officials recommend avoid outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day when air quality is unhealthiest. >> number five, wildfire forced 40 from their homes. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon between colfax and forest hill northeast of sacramento. the fire has burned 200 acres, 20% contained. it is going to be hot that is not the end of the picture.
6:56 am
live doppler showing a dry start, congratulations on that, no need to worry about drizzle or mist with the marine layer clouds making it mild at 7:00 this morning, 50 coast, 64 inland. coastal clouds noon the rest of us sunshine. 4:00 from 60 at the coast to near 100 inland heat ending quickly by 7:00, 57 along the coast and 94 inland. final check of the bay bridge toll actually looking really light minor wait, metering lights on. traffic spotter did report a complete standstill southbound 680 mess tan ton accident at castlewood, chp at the scene they expect to clear it shortly. -- look fourth that. hopefully, traffic will recover, it is slow out of the altamont pass. also, if you want to avoid heavy traffic you can see slow speeds consider mass transit
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today for safe the -- spare the air day. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. wake up to the latest headlines, weather and traffic info on your phone and a couple of tweets told us they did that this morning, thank you so much and hope you enjoy it. >> good morning sunshine. have a great day. have a great day. we'll see you later. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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